The Aquaculture industry is projected to grow significantly over the next 10 years and at a greater rate than any other protein producer.

These Awards recognise the achievements in different elements of the sector and give due recognition to those making an exceptional contribution to the industry, now and in the future. They are open to everyone involved in the global aquaculture industry, no matter how large or small.
The awards go to those who:

  • Employ the highest standards of aquaculture husbandry
  • Farm with a high level of environmental awareness
  • Deliver a high-quality end product to local, national or international markets

Organised by the Aquaculture UK team and supported by a number of commercial partners, the awards are free to enter.

The presentation of the awards will take place during a special Awards Dinner held at Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh on the 29 May 2019.

Ticketing details will be announced early 2019.


Applied Research Breakthrough

Open to any research project involving collaboration between the industry and academic sectors. The winner will be the project that is most likely to have an impact on the industry and has already demonstrated some tangible measures of success.


Will be presented to the organisation that is able to demonstrate the consistency of its contribution to the environmental, ethical and economic sustainability of the industry. All entrants will need to highlight ways they are addressing each of the three E’s.

International Impact

An award set to promote companies and/or new initiatives with a truly international impact. Projects that promote cross-industry collaboration and/or make their results freely available for the greater good of the sector will be viewed particularly favourably.

People’s Choice

Individuals are invited to nominate a person from within the sector whose attitude and achievements in the last 12 months have been particularly inspirational. The public will be able to vote for anyone from the shortlist, which will be drawn up by the judging panel based on the best of the nominations received.

Most Promising New Entrant

Nominations sought for people, companies or products that have arrived on the aquaculture scene since January 2018.

Animal Welfare

Any initiative that has improved the welfare of the farmed animals and/or the wildlife they interact with since January 2018. Initiatives can cover a range of factors, including genetic, pharmaceutical and technological innovations, or improvements in husbandry and farm management protocols.

Technical Innovation

An award for the developer of novel hardware or software that has, or is projected to, improve the performance of any aquaculture sector.


Companies and individuals are invited to enter for this category and the award will be presented to the person who has developed a husbandry or business practice that has made a significant and positive contribution to the economic sustainability of the business – whether in existing or new markets.


According to the latest FAO figures, global aquaculture production is predicted to increase 90 per cent by 2050. This is a very exciting time to be in the industry, and these awards showcase the technology and innovation driving this growth. Matt Colvan

Sales and Marketing Director, 5m Publishing

Aquaculture Awards


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