The aquaculture awards would not happen without the support of sponsors.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor please contact Ian Hames +44 (0)7823 374568‬ (ian.hames@5mpublishing.com) to discuss the available opportunities.

MSD Animal Health, offers one of the industry’s most innovative portfolios of products, services and technologies, to prevent, treat and control diseases across all major farm and companion animal species.

SAIC’s mission is to transform Scottish aquaculture by unlocking sustainable growth through innovation excellence. We connect industry with academia to encourage collaboration on priority issues; share insights and knowledge gleaned with the wider sector; attract additional UK and EU funding into Scottish aquaculture; encourage new generations into the sector and develop those already working within it. SAIC’s innovation programme is delivered through three key workstreams: Driving Innovation, Sharing Innovation and Nurturing Innovation.


Aquaculture Awards


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