The aquaculture awards would not happen without the support of sponsors.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor please contact Ian Hames +44 (0)7823 374568‬ (ian.hames@5mpublishing.com) to discuss the available opportunities.

MSD Animal Health, offers one of the industry’s most innovative portfolios of products, services and technologies, to prevent, treat and control diseases across all major farm and companion animal species.
SAIC’s mission is to transform Scottish aquaculture by unlocking sustainable growth through innovation excellence. We connect industry with academia to encourage collaboration on priority issues; share insights and knowledge gleaned with the wider sector; attract additional UK and EU funding into Scottish aquaculture; encourage new generations into the sector and develop those already working within it. SAIC’s innovation programme is delivered through three key workstreams: Driving Innovation, Sharing Innovation and Nurturing Innovation.
Crown Estate Scotland invests in property, natural resources and people to generate lasting value for Scotland. Through management of the assets in our care, we support communities and businesses in achieving their goals. Currently, we lease around 750 sites to the Aquaculture industry for the farming of finfish and shellfish.
Aquaculture makes an invaluable contribution to many of Scotland’s rural and coastal communities. Our National Marine Plan seeks to support the sustainable growth of aquaculture by balancing the needs of all everyone with an interest in the marine environment.
Today, aquaculture is at the heart of what Gael Force does. From first involvement in mooring supply in the 1990s the company has grown to become a globally recognised key supplier to the aquaculture industry with the full capability to offer highly durable turnkey solutions for fish farm site installations.

Across their highly skilled workforce, proud heritage and strong company values are embedded. Their core values are resolute and are the framework of all their actions. Their approach to work is consistent with integrity at its very core.

Marks and Spencer is delighted to sponsor this year’s Aquaculture Awards in the Shellfish Farmer of the Year category. Seafood is a very important sector for M&S and we use about 60,000t per annum of whole raw material. We offer 30 wild-caught and 9 farmed species, including Scottish farmed mussels and oysters. The latter have been a great hit with our customers since we launched them two years ago, and our value-added mussels have sold well for many years. Our Seafood Sourcing Policy for Wild-Caught, Farmed Fish & Shellfish covers every piece of M&S fish and shellfish on our shelves and responsible sourcing is central to this policy, as expected of us by our customers. Bivalve shellfish are nutritious and tick many boxes when it comes to responsibly sourced seafood. And so we would like to sell a lot more in this category and are always looking for new and innovative products to excite our customers.


Aquaculture Awards


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