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Acoura, part of the Lloyd’s Register group, are the UK’s fastest growing provider of risk services for the food and drink supply chain. Operating in 40 countries across six continents, every year we conduct over 35,000 audits and inspections in addition to a range of tailored services aimed at protecting our customer’s brands.

Whether dealing with farms, fisheries, food processors, restaurants or retailers we are one of the only service providers able to offer a complete range of compliance solutions aimed at reducing risk to your business and improving compliance levels. From certification to advisory services, training and innovative online solutions, Acoura work in partnership with our customers to tailor a service which addresses the exact issues they face.

At AFEX, we have a rich heritage in pioneering personalised foreign exchange since 1979, becoming one of today’s largest privately owned non-banking providers of global B2B payments and risk management solutions.

We are a trusted partner to more than 35,000 businesses and individuals worldwide, helping client’s process payments to more than 180 countries around the clock every day.

Our team of experts provide valuable support that inspires total confidence from our clients in the complex and often volatile world of foreign exchange. With 22 offices around the world and covering all time zones, we offer a comprehensive range of foreign exchange services which seamlessly operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, trading in excess of $20bn in foreign exchange each year.

BioMar is a world leader in high performance diets for more than 45 different fish and shrimp species in more than 80 countries. Founded in 1962 by a group of Danish fish farmers, BioMar’s heritage is a long-term commitment to developing the aquaculture industry in a responsible and sustainable way.

Our main focus is supporting our customers delivering healthy, great tasting seafood. We do this by innovating efficient, safe and nutritious feed for aquaculture with minimal environmental impact. Our global scale, local agility and execution focus ensure that we can meet individual customer needs – always with departure in proven results and a meticulous focus on food safety.

Crown Estate Scotland manages land and property spanning the length and breadth of Scotland and includes rural estates, mineral and salmon fishing rights, around half of the foreshore and almost all of the seabed.

The organisation leases around 750 sites to fish farm operators to grow finish and shellfish, and invests in research and other activities to help fish farming secure a sustainable future.

Elanco provides comprehensive products and knowledge services to improve animal health and food-animal production in more than 70 countries around the world. We value innovation, both in scientific research and daily operations, and strive to cultivate a collaborative work environment for more than 6,500 employees worldwide. Together with our customers, we are committed to raising awareness about global food security, and celebrating and supporting the human-animal bond. Founded in 1954, Elanco is a division of Eli Lilly and Company. Our worldwide headquarters and research facilities are located in Greenfield, Indiana (U.S.). Visit us at Elanco.com or ElancoEurope.com.

EWOS is the leading aquaculture feed brand of Cargill Aqua Nutrition. Cargill Aqua Nutrition is now one of the largest global suppliers of aqua feed, with 38 specialized production facilities and more than 2,000 employees in 20 countries.

By recently making a $10.5 million investment in a state-of- the-art fish health research facility in Colaco, Chile, Cargill Aqua Nutrition has enabled a 30% increase in research capacity.
With a strong emphasis on sustainability, safety and quality assurance, EWOS feeds consistently deliver leading growth performance and support fish health.

INVE Aquaculture’s main driver as a company is to stimulate healthy growth and performance in aquaculture. We serve our customers globally with the industry’s most comprehensive portfolios. By supporting them in taking better care throughout the culture lifecycle, we contribute to our clients’ sustainable growth and long-term success.

MSD Animal Health Aquaculture is a dedicated team, working within the Integrated Livestock Business Unit to drive forward higher standards in farmed salmon and trout welfare and fish health management.

Salmon Farming is a relatively new industry to the UK – approximately 50 years old – and has grown considerably over the last decade, noting an increase in production, year on year. A diverse range of species are produced including; Atlantic Salmon, Trout, Halibut, Lumpsuckers, Wrasse and Shellfish. This is why MSD Animal Health Aquaculture is passionate about producing market leading solutions to promote fish health and welfare and eradicate disease among farmed salmon and trout.

The Aquaculture team focus on fish farms predominantly based off the west coast of Scotland, with the farmed salmon industry accounting for more than 98% of the business. We also work collaboratively with the industry on various platforms from veterinary practices to health, farm and management personnel within farming companies, providing biological and pharmaceutical products and technical support for both Atlantic Salmon and Trout species.

The SAIC connect businesses, researchers and other stakeholders, stimulating and supporting commercially-relevant collaboration. In our first three years, this has resulted in 13 projects worth a total of £10.35m, of which industry has contributed £6.92m, SAIC £2.75m and academia £680k.

It represents a very deliberate pooling of resources, designed to share the risk of innovative R&D, enable more businesses to invest in the areas that will help them grow and ensure that SAIC’s £11m public funding delivers maximum benefit. Each project addresses one of four priority innovation actions. The overarching aim of each however, is the same: to deliver a tangible benefit to the sector and, in turn, Scotland, whether that’s increased harvest volumes for producers, enhanced fish welfare, additional jobs or new revenue streams.

Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation (SSPO) is at the centre of Scottish salmon farming’s industry-wide initiatives and public communication, acting as a trusted source of information and a strong industry voice. The organisation plays a central role in representing its members on political, regulatory, media and technical issues in Scotland, the UK, EU and internationally.